New York Social Diary - August 17, 2007

"Anne Fairfax and Richard Sammons live in a little house in the Village that once belonged to Armand Hammer, the flamboyant (and highly controversial) industrialist and art collector. There can’t be a house anywhere that has had two such contrasting sets of owners. Where Hammer’s taste ran to leopard prints and gaudiness, theirs is an essay in calm, restraint, and the harmony of a circle, the motif upon which the interior renovation was based. They are one of those rare things, a married couple that works together, each having carved out their respective roles.

Anne, in addition to being a very good architect, seems to also have a talent for diplomacy, managing people and situations before anything can escalate into trouble. Richard is passionate about the traditional architecture that has made their name and, in addition to his day-to-day work, teaches (including a stint at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture) and curates exhibitions on classical architecture. They obviously work pretty much all the time and have an extraordinarily star-studded clientele, but they were hosting their ten-year old nephew for the summer (they do not have children themselves), an experience that had re-shaped their world, if only temporarily."

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