Charleston City Guardian - December 2003

"What started as a view from a window in the Francis Marion Hotel ended as a vision in her elegantly restored Gold Room. While in town last spring for a Drayton Hall Board meeting, Anthony Wood, a CSC advisory board member, looked out of his hotel window onto Marion Square and was struck by the number of buildings inappropriate for the square. About the same time, Vangie Rainsford, president of the Mazyck Wraggborough Garden District asked the CSC for help in getting a harmonious building for the Federal site.

However, it was Anne Fairfax and Richard Sammons of Fairfax & Sammons whose talents and generosity actually pulled the vision together. They conducted a design charrette at the College of Charleston with local architects. This Rally Round the Square Design Group shared ideas and agreed that the heart of Charleston needed a classical center to preserve its international reputation as a great classical city. An extensive survey by the neighborhood revealed unanimous agreement from the public in favor of classical architecture."

- Jack Simmons

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