Theory of Mouldings, by C. Howard Walker

Richard Sammons, who is well-known for his broad knowledge in classical design and practical application of architectural proportion, wrote the foreword to the reprint of this volume, originally published in 1926. Theory of Mouldings guides the novice through the whys and wherefores of this little -understood topic through illustrations and text. Originally published in 1926 by C. Howard Walker, professor at M.I.T, the republished volume now includes case studies from the work of Fairfax & Sammons Architects, illustrated through the use of drawings and photographs of the ultimate built work architecture. As Richard Sammons mentions, the origins of mouldings lie in the desire to refine artistically through light and shade, the necessary elements of construction... and to articulate their connection." Relevant to designers and practitioners, both modern and classical, no library is complete without it.

Written by C. Howard Walker Foreword by Richard Sammons W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2007 ISBN 979-0-393-73233-7

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