Central Park West NY Apartment

Central Park West NY Apartment

The Prasada, Renovation

The owner had a particular interest in the different effects that can be achieved by combining the traditional and the new - the incorporation of old-style furniture and finishes into a modern shell or, in this case, putting 20th century furniture, artwork and fabrics into a space expressed in a traditional architectural language.

The result has a timeless modern glamour which is the achievement of a close collaboration between architects, client and the decorator, Alex Papachristidis. There is a deliberate play here between the feeling of a modern loft space and that of a more conventionally formal interior. The kitchen, a narrow space running down the south side of the apartment, is lined with high quality kitchen millwork we provided. .

2 Sniffen Court
New York, NY 10016

214 Brazilian Ave, Suite 100
Palm Beach, FL 33480


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