An 18th Century Cottage

An 18th Century Cottage

Quogue, NY

This modest mid-eighteenth century cottage sits near a beach in Quogue Long Island. Typical of the "Cape Cod" houses on the east end, it is shingled and has a massive center chimney with a cooking hearth in the keeping room.

The owner had restored it and lived in the period purity for twenty years before asking us to give her light, ventilation and a real kitchen and mudroom without altering the rustic character of the building. The final design was based on formal patterns with strong lines of the old house remaining in the remodeled one. The solution was to build a small addition leaving the timber frame intact and to expand the current galley kitchen. A ganged double hung window sits on the top of the kitchen counter against the new outside wall. The cabinet doors were made out of 18th-century wainscoting found in the attic, which was removed when the front parlor was remodeled in the Federal period. A shed-dormer was also added to ventilate the half story which only had windows on the end gables. All of the work was done in a way that it is reversible, keeping all of the original structure for posterity.

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