Renovations to an Italianate Villa

Renovations to an Italianate Villa

Southport, CT

The original Italianate villa at 385 Harbor Road was constructed in the 1850s atop a hill overlooking Southport Harbor on Long Island Sound.

In researching the house, we found historic photographs of previous iterations of the house in the town archives, which informed our new scheme. In our proposal, we eliminated some of the more recent additions, transforming the plan and massing, to create a more coherent, functioning house. We referenced historical details from the photographs, such as a 1920s era sleeping porch, the original chimneys and trim profiles and the lost cupola in our new proposals and alterations. We eliminated ahistorical elements, restored Victorian-era ones and added new features with those original details to achieve a new but more harmonious whole. Betsy Shiverick Interiors was the Interior Designer, and Peter Cummin, the Landscape Architect.

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