Renovations and New Outbuildings to an Estate

Renovations and New Outbuildings to an Estate

Bedford, NY

Recognizing the historic interest of this largely unaltered house while wishing to renovate and modernize the existing accommodation and to build on a large family room and make other additions, the owners commissioned us to come up with a sympathetic scheme.

We assured the clients that we would preserve the integrity of this unique house, respecting the work of the previous architect, Kerr Rainsford, who designed and built the house for his own family. The new wing we designed runs back behind the gabled range on the right of the entrance front, reminding us of the significance of home and hearth in its emphasis on roof and fireplace.

2 Sniffen Court
New York, NY 10016

214 Brazilian Ave, Suite 100
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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