Durability in Construction Colloquium - Richard Sammons

April 1, 2010

Richard Sammons was an invited speaker at The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture's three-day colloquium, “Durability in Construction,” Oct. 26 to 28, 2010 at Bond Hall, South Bend, Indiana. Durability was central to the practice of architecture for millennia; it went without saying that a building should be made to last as long as possible, with materials and construction techniques chosen toward that end. Ephemeral, short-term construction has become the norm today, but the increasing importance of sustainability has made permanence essential again....The colloquium addressed the importance of enduring architecture, and the principles at stake, reviewed traditional methods from which practitioners may yet learn,  presented new techniques and materials that yield durability.  This colloquium focused on the importance of enduring architecture and review traditional methods from which buildings may benefit today.

Richard Sammons spoke on the durability of traditional American wood construction , followed by London architect Alireza Sagharchi, and former chair of the School of Architecture Thomas Gordon Smith, Portuguese architect Jose Cornelio da Silva, and Jorge Hernandez. John Simpson was the keynote speaker. British architect John Simpson deliveredr the keynote address Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in 104 Bond Hall.  University of Notre Dame School of Architecture Event Website

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