Classical Visionaries: A Jeffersonian Evening

Nov. 14, 2008

Every year The Soane Museum Foundation holds a gala honoring those who uphold the classical tradition, at the Rainbow Room in New York. In 2009, Anne Fairfax and Foundation board member, Richard Sammons, were on hand to offer the official toast to the honorees, architect and urban designer, Jacquelin Robertson and David Morton, Senior Architectural Editor at Rizzoli International. Sir John Soane's Museum, the former house and studio of the neo-classical architect, Sir John Soane, is a treasure trove of classical antiquities and... curiosities open to the public in London. Jaque Robertson was the Dean of the University of Virginia architecture school when Anne and Richard were students there, and David Morton was the editor at Rizzoli when they published their monograph, American Houses: The Architecture of Fairfax & Sammons.

We especially loved seeing Tom Wolfe at the gala in his characteristic white linens. Coincidentally, last year upon being asked what he was currently reading Tom said, "The Theory of Mouldings." Richard Sammons wrote the foreword for the popular reprint and the book has just been flying off the shelves. Who knew that mouldings were such a hot topic!

Jaque Robertson, David Morton, Anne Fairfax, Richard Sammons (above)

Richard Sammons, David Morton and Anne Fairfax (below)

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