2022 McKim, Mead & White Award for 'La Claridad'

'La Clairidad,' also known as 16 Golfview, was originally designed by Marion Sims Wyeth in the 1920s. Our design method began with understanding the architect’s intent, a sense gathered upon a first walkthrough of the house. We gained back the original character of its Mediterranean Revival style, added interpretations, and reversed anachronistic additions like the contemporary, open-concept living area. The flow of the property is reconfigured, which allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor rooms. Many of the previous renovations were wiped away or improved upon.

A new stucco wall was added along the street with a hand-wrought iron gate to create a more solidified front entry. The new front entry stone pilasters and lintel are now the same color to enhance the original crested heraldry. All of the original front door and interior doors, with the same design, are carefully restored to their authentic patina. The once sunken interior courtyard was raised to the first floor, and the stairs are removed. A kitchen was added on the west elevation, and we replaced the existing garage with the family room and added a two-car garage on the northeastern corner. An elevator addition sits conveniently off the garage with a door to the gallery through to the kitchen.

The coffered ceilings repeated throughout the first floor were in great disrepair, and to match the aesthetic of the restored doors, they are also brought back to their original patina. This effect brightens the rooms and highlights the true beauty of the pecky cypress wood, especially against the carved ceiling brackets. Plaster recessed arches above the doorways repeat throughout the house interior for continuity and proportion. 

2 Sniffen Court
New York, NY 10016

214 Brazilian Ave, Suite 100
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