2020 Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Award for Santa Cruz de la Palma

The northern end of the city of Santa Cruz will experience a transformation with our proposed interventions. The definition of the boulevard includes rows of trees on each side. The goal is to provide as much shade as possible and make walking desirable and more welcoming to pedestrians and include traffic calming devices such as offset highway crossings and crosswalk spacing by extending the area in parking lanes to both sides, as well as the central island. The boulevard will have a raised Alameda between the travel rails, and all parking will be housed along the streets, providing 150 parking spaces.

The Maritime Musem is placed at the terminus of the Av. Maritima and the eastern end of the new boulevard will flank the ocean and offer protection from the wind for the Plaza de Fernando. It is intended to be the new crowning feature of the district and will be built in a provincial Baroque expression on a Beaux-Arts plan. In addition, we propose the restoration of the Castello de Santa Cruz del Barrio del Cabo and its surrounding areas. To the north, a terraced seaside garden will feature native plantings.

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