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Three Sisters Award

Vision for Marion Square

The Committee to Save the City, Inc. - Marion Square, Charleston, South Carolina. In recognition of exemplary contributions to the special character of Charleston in unique ways that, like these three background buildings, are not appreciated when they are present but sorely missed when they are gone. Chairman of Committee, Jack W. Simmons, Jr. M.D., Ph. D. has been an integral voice for keeping the historical value of architecture alive in this beautiful city. Provision for a Blueprint for the Future The Vision for Marion Square is now an example standing for what the public had been asking for at civic architectural review meetings. In this city, particularly because of the historic style of its architecture, there is a schism between the man on the street who feels that modern style architecture in an historic district is being pressed upon them and the professionals and preservationists, trained in modernism who insist that this style is compatible in an historic infill project, all the while ignoring the current historic district ordinance.